Caesius Marine Base

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The subject of this article covers material in the post-Nemesis era.

Caesius Marine Base
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Senior Staff

General Jordyn Mormar, TF93 Commander • Rear Admiral Joshua Underwood, Base Commander • Captain Vasily Britanov, Deputy Commander

Attached Ships

U.S.S. Bill of RightsU.S.S. IapetusU.S.S. SalvationU.S.S. Venerable

"Wars may come and go but my soldiers remain Eternal. Time gone by living one day at a time. Praying not to die but to live one more day." Tupac Shakur

Portal:Caesius/Portal Greeting

Senior Staff

Jordyn Mormar General Jordyn Mormar Commanding Officer, Task Force 93
Joshua Underwood Rear Admiral Joshua Underwood Base Commander
Vasily Britanov Captain Vasily Britanov Deputy Commander
The Divine War
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