Deep Space 7

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Deep Space Seven
Technical Details

Planetary Base




Forward Operations

Commission Date:


Task Force:

Task Force 91

Crew Information
Commanding Officer:

Vice Admiral Jennifer Tompkins

Executive Officer:

Colonel Mark Mathers

Second Officer:

Commander Heather Graham



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Deep Space 7 sits on the edge of Federation space, standing guard against the unknown. Its goal, to create a place of peace, a place where the Federation could once again return to the exploration of the unknown. It is a port of call, a home away from home for diplomats, hustles, entrepreneurs, and wanderers. It is a shining beacon of light, all alone in the night.

To help stand guard against the unknown, Starfleet has recommissioned the Ranger Corps, an elite guard of the best that Starfleet has to offer, as a part of Starfleet Intelligence. The job of a Ranger is simple, to be the advanced and the rear guard as the Federation continues to expand and explore, and in possible further military action.

As the Federation has continued to expand, the Rangers have had to face new and varied threats. It has thus become necessary to expand their operations away from the former US Military facilities in Cheyenne Mountain. As a part of this expansion, Vice Admiral Jennifer Tompkins, the Assistant Director for Ranger Operations with Starfleet Intelligence, has created a new training facility located at Deep Space Seven.

Here starts our story, and a new chapter for the ages. Where do you fit in?

"They say the sky is the limit; we’ve gotten past that, now where do we go from here". – Dr. Marcus Artero, Former DS7 Chief Medical Officer


In 2378, Brigadier General Rolf Emerson was transferred away from Task Force 38 to Task Force 63 and placed in command of the U.S.S. Minneapolis B. Shortly before the Minneapolis left starbase Forrest, General Emerson herd rumors that Atlantis may exist after all. Still not convinced, Melalie, an old friend from the Haydian Home Guard showed him evidence that Atlantis may exist somewhere in the Alpha Quadrant.

Emerson went to meet with Major General Turon Nichols who was also intrigued by what General Emerson was proposing. Nichols authorized the mission and the Search for Atlantis began. The Minneapolis soon arrived in the Gaeis Sector where an artifact was discovered. Lieutenant Yolen’da Grenn made a critical discovery that it was apart of Atlantis’s power network. With this discovery confirmed, it became more and more apparent that Atlantis did exist. But if it did exist, where was the city? The Minneapolis soon warped towards Cardassia Prime where Emerson learned from Garak that they had discovered a map in their archives. Apparently the Cardassians ancestors had visited Atlantis thousands of years ago but they had no way of proving it.

In 2379, Rolf’s old command, Starbase Forrest was destroyed by the Her’Q who had found evidence that Atlantis was on Setlik 3. The Minneapolis warped ahead to the planet to intercept the Her’Q. An away team under Emerson’s command was sent back in time to 2351 during the Cardassian massacre. Rolf’s life was saved and the away team returned to the present to find that the Her’Q had left for a new planet, Allura 9. The Her’Q occupied the planet believing that Atlantis was on the surface. General Emerson formulated a plan to take the planet back. He nearly lost his life in the process but was saved when Atlantis decloaked and was able to be transported to safety.

In 2381, Admiral Emerson was promoted and transfered off of Deep Space Seven. With his departure, a vacancy was left in the command structure of Deep Space Seven. After conferring with the Federation Council, it was decided to place Commodore Jennifer Tompkins in Command of Deep Space Seven, as well as move the command to be a part of Task Force 17, SHADOWS, were it became the Task Force's secondary base of operations.

However her time as Commander was marked with much controversy. After General Emmerson had helped to build up a civilian government on Atlantis itself, they determined that they needed the space to grow and learn on their own. This was combined with a growing resentment for Starfleet, which had grown from the perceived liberties given to Starfleet Officers. Because of this, the civilian government asked for Starfleet to leave the city. However because they still owed much to the Federation, they agreed to help them settle a new colony on the planet, located directly to the west of Atlantis. It was also decided by the Federation Council to reduce the Federation presence in the system, by removing the Immense Class starbase in orbit, and reassigning all of the attached ships, except for the USS Vortex.

While Commodore Tompkins struggled to help setup the colony, plans were already in the works back at Starfleet Command to have her removed from command of the colony. However do to some quick work by her once mentor Admiral Johnson, she was brought into the fold of Starfleet Intelligence.

Commodore Tompkins was replaced by Captain Michael Henderson, a career diplomat, who was brought in to try and help smooth out relations with the civilian government. It was during his tenure that the colony began to thrive, and became self-sustaining. He also continue talks with the civilian government to try and bring a Federation presence back to the city itself.

In 2385, it was discovered that despite the political environment, that there was a strong military significance to the Alluran system. Because of this, Starfleet Intelligence decided that it would be an ideal for a front line training facility. With this, the now Vice Admiral Jennifer Tompkins, was reassigned back to Deep Space Seven as her Commanding Officer to help transition the facility into a state of the art training facility.

3rd Ranger Battalion

Starfleet Rangers
When the original Ranger Corps was created in 2161, only 2 Battalions were created. However in 2385, Vice Admiral Tompkins felt it was necessary to expand the operations of the Rangers with the creation of the 3rd Battalion.

1st Battalion is based out of the Cheyenne Mountain Facility on Earth in the Sol System. They are charged with two tasks. First, the protection of Federation interests within the Sol System, as well as along the Klignon and Romulan Borders. Second, the training of new Rangers.

2nd Battalion is based out of the Sirius Colony along the K'zinti Border. They are charged with the protection of Federation interests along the Federation border from the Klignon Empire to Talarian Space. Also, Ranger teams assigned to Starfleet ships are assigned primarily out of the 2nd Battalion.

3rd Battalion is based out of Deep Space 7 on Allura IX. They are charged with the protection of Federation interests along the border from K'zinti Patriarcy to the Cardassian Union. Also, the 3rd Battalion is charged with the exploration of new territory deeper into the Alpha Quadrant. Furthermore, the new Ranger Training Facility at Deep Space 7 is attached to the 3rd Battalion. Because of the added responsibility being placed on the newly created 3rd Battalion, Vice Admiral Tompkins has moved Ranger Command to Deep Space 7.

The 3rd Ranger Battalion has been placed under the command of Commander Melissa Baker, former Commanding Officer of the 23rd Ranger Unit, Striker.

Senior Staff

Commanding Officer - Vice Admiral Jennifer Tompkins
Executive Officer - Colonel Mark Mathers
Strategic Operations Officer / 2nd Officer - Commander Heather Graham
Commandant, Ranger School / Commander 3rd Ranger Battalion- Commander Melissa Baker
Commanding Officer, USS Chimera - Captain Erin Tompkins
Commander Atlantis Maritime Authority - Admiral Nathan Ford

Chief Science Officer - Lieutenant T'Kar
Commander Air Group - Major Vandor Kraz
Chief of Operations - Lt. Commander Sorant Vind
Commander of Planetary Security - Major Arthur Doyle
Chief Medical Officer - Lieutenanr Marcus Shrin

Attached Ships

USS Chimera - Excalibur Class

USS Arleigh Burke - Titan Class

USS Vortex - Akira Class