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The subject of this article covers material in the post-Nemesis era.


How complicated can it be? Up, down, forward, reverse... we'll figure it out.

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A new frontier... a new mission... a new station... what will you find here?

Alexandria Class.jpg

Welcome to Task Force 93's IGOR Project base of operations, Gateway Station! Stationed in the Gateway System, our Alexandria Class base is the first part of Starfleet's new exploration strategy within the M90 Galaxy, giving a base of operations within a new galaxy. We are the first stop within the new frontier for any ship willing to enter this strange new world, and the last stop before leaving, so we get all kinds through our docking ports.

What mysteries await us? There's only one way to find out!

Recent News

April 23, 2014

Can your CO get any lazier with his own site?

New XO incoming. Mounting the picture is pending on the side.

Mission is (relatively) new. It's called "Venona".

Have fun.

--Flying Gremlin - talk 10:00, 23 April 2014 (CDT)

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Senior Staff

Gateway Station's senior staff - the people that make the simm happen - are:

Kiarakrezek.jpg Lieutenant Colonel Kiara Krezek Commanding Officer

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