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The Ninth Fleet is a group forged in May 2010 - originally as Task Force 93 - from individual simulations whom made the choice to band together in order to form a coalition of groups with the same shared in-character history, group standards for specifications and a consistent glossary of terms. Since then, the Ninth Fleet has seen rapid expansion in options while still seeing the core simulations develop.


Task Force 93

Task Force 93 came to be on May 10, 2010, forming from well-established Star Trek simulations from various sources, most notably a large chunk of us from a group named Bravo Fleet. Realizing it is better to stand together than to run separately, we formed together for the mutual benefit of each other and others that would eventually join.

Starting off with just a group that had been running a concurrent storyline regarding a group known as IGOR and five simms based in the Theta Antares sector based outside the borders of the Federation and the M90 Galaxy, Task Force 93 began expanding shortly after, including the Federation core systems and groups; by June, we had accepted in the Raeyan sector simulations, a group based on an isolated sector on the other side of the Romulan Star Empire.

May 19th, 2010 saw the addition of what we call the Six Simple Rules, a guideline of six simple rules that all of us use to govern ourselves. Within the rules is an expectation that every member is to limit promotions in-character above the rank of Captain (or equivalent) and another to try not to blatantly violate established canon. Other than those simple rules, the group has decided to allow simulations to govern their own rules responsibly.

In September 2010, Task Force 93's collection of group managers for Star Trek simulations decided to acknowledge events in the new continuity depicted in the newest series of Star Trek books, which includes the Star Trek: Destiny series which has changed the face of the Federation. Several key differences had to be changed in order to accommodate these changes, including the elimination of the Borg Collective, the listing of Rear Admiral Kathryn Janeway as deceased and the addition of Fleet Admiral Alynna Nechayev as the Commanding Officer of Starfleet.

Addition of non-Trek

Task Force 93 was formed from a group of Star Trek-themed simulations, taking residence in a time period approximately 10 years after the events depicted in Star Trek: Nemesis. However, we were never exclusively Star Trek fans. Many of us are fans of long-running science fiction franchises, including Stargate, Star Wars and other groups.

Stargate: Triton was the first entry into Task Force 93 that was not Star Trek related in any way. It first opened its doors to simming on July 26, 2010. It was retired in June 2011.

The Ninth Fleet

On February 17, 2011, Task Force 93 transitioned to a new name, The Ninth Fleet, to better describe the association in between the size of the group and the goals of the group as a whole.

List of historical command staff

For a list of current command staff, see the article The 9th Fleet Command Staff.

Task Force 93 traditionally has not had a formal command structure. It was the belief of the forming members that a formal command structure was too easily abused by those in power; people had cited other groups they had been involved in that they had felt had stifled creativity. Due to this, Task Force 93 has a distributed command structure. The in-character command structure in no way has influence over the out of character organization of the group.

Historically, the group has been broken down into several modules. All of these positions are voluntary and not needed for day to day organization of the group. These positions are broken down below, as well as the history of the group.

Overall web services

When Task Force 93 was formed, all web services were hosted on a server owned by Darian Caplinger via his Netgeezers account. It is a server setup which allowed Task Force 93 to remain on a hosting plan free of charge, which we owe a debt of gratitude towards him for. As of the writing of this article, because of performance issues there is a plan in place in order to help resolve some load balancing issues with the server, which may include a move.


The Ninth Fleet's forum has been the main hub for all simulations since the beginning, as well as the public face of our group from the start. Installed on the first day of formal operation of The Ninth Fleet, the forums since then has seen many expansions, different skins and different modifications, all of which have been announced regularly when they affect users of the forum.

Please note that individual simulation forums are moderated by the simulation's group manager.

User Name Position Start date End date
Flying Gremlin Administrator May 10, 2010 present
Boomer Administrator April 15, 2011 present
Shaded_elf_assassin Global Moderator May 10, 2010 present

Database (MediaWiki)

Installation of MediaWiki occurred on May 12, 2010; release date was shortly thereafter. Since then, the The Ninth Fleet Database has added hundreds of articles about topics far-ranging, out of character and in character, from awards to zero-point modules.

User Name Position Start date End date
Boomer Administrator May 12, 2010 present
Flying Gremlin Skin developer May 12, 2010 present
Jewel Dartt Moderator July 1, 2013 present