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The subject of this article covers material in the post-Nemesis era.

Meshkenet Outpost
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"In Unitate Et Vigilia" - "In Unity And Vigilance"

Welcome to Meshkenet Outpost

From early days of the Human Civilization there was a legend of "Meshkenet" and how she influenced early Egypt and the 5th Dynasty. According to early history "Meskhenet" also was believed by most Egyptologists to be the god who eventually became Osiris. Now out here in the M90 Galaxy, legends and tails that "Meshkenet" was from this time period as well. The Federation Archeologist and Pathologists believed that "Meshkenet" could have been an Iconian woman that decided to influence Early Human Civilization. An Expedition team is being assembled to fully investigate the ruins of the Tomb of "Meshkenet". Come and join the expedition as they study the secrets of the past or be part of the Exploration Initiative one of our fine vessels, in either case we thank you for reviewing our wiki page.

Into the Deep we GO

  • (July:26:2013) There has been several Changes to the Meshkenet and the Task Force/Task Group, First off Amile Stryker has been promoted to Major General and taking the role as Task Force Commanding Officer. Also, the Flag ship assigned to Meshkenet Outpost is the USS Hydra a Vesta-class Starship under the Command of Amile Stryker. Second Katana Leah has been promoted to Brigadier General and 35th Task Group Commanding Officer and given a new Command of the USS Triton also a Vesta-clas Starship. Third Commander Carrol Daggart Commanding Officer of the USS Wolverine has taken over the Second Battle Group Commanding Officer spot in place of Katana Leah.
  • (Oct:06:2011) I decided to mothball the 12th Strike Group since we have the Second Battle Group and the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force in our ranks it seemed a bit pointless to have a strike group that was really doing nothing. Going to bolster my starship counts on the First Meskenet Expeditionary unit from one Starship to three starships and the 21st Logistical Support Group from two starships to three.
  • (Sept:01:2011) Jay Galloway your fearless leader is attempting to make a new template! Here it is Template:ShipClass1
  • (Aug:25:2011) I want to welcome back Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Sharpe as Support Commander of the U.S.S. Apache.
  • (AUG:22:2011) The Mothball Fleet has been renamed to the Second Battle Group under the Command of Colonel Katana Leah.
  • (Aug:22:2011) I want to welcome S'Kira to the sim, she will be our new Chief Engineer and she is a Full Lieutenant!

Map of M90 Galaxy

The Map was last updated on 08/14/2011

M90Map.jpgMeshkenet Outpost/M90 Map

35th Task Group Senior Staff

The Senior Staff
Task Force Commanding Officer

Meshknet Outpost Commanding Officer

Major General-green.png

Major General
Amile Stryker

35th Task Group Commanding Officer

USS Triton Commanding Officer

Brigadier General-green.png

Brigadier General
Katana Leah

35th Task Group Executive Officer

3rd MEF Commanding Officer


Colonel Jonathan Harker

35th Task Group Second Executive Officer

Theta Antares Fleet Yards Commanding Officer


Captain Sasha Valentine-NPC

Second Battle Group Commanding Officer

USS Wolverine Commanding Officer


Captain Carrol Daggart-NPC

USS Striker Commanding Officer

35th Task Group Intelligence Staff


Commander Mya Leah-PNPC

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