Newsletter 17/Current Stories

From The Ninth Fleet

Variant Ambassador Class

Now there is a chance that we could be seeing another variant of the Ambassador Class Starship coming down the road in the distant to near future. Nothing is set in stone and it all depends if the Developers have time to work on either a Ambassador Class variant, Al Rivera recently said that there is a skin costume option that actually has a cannon mounted onto it, not sure if this variant will make it to the came or not but it is something that Al Rivera is looking into! Al Rivera did say he is about 40% to 50% sure if they did make it, it would have the option that was scene in "Yesterday's Enterprise Episode" which is the cannon mounted looking image. Now if and when it does it is not clear if this will be a fleet version ship or a c-store ship.

Crafting has not been forgotten

Al Rivera clearly stated that it is the intention of Perfect World Entertainment to have a new and improved crafting system. Al did not state when this would happen but it is coming down the road.