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In order to provide an informative wiki and keep things organized there is a few policy that need to be followed:

User Accounts

  • One user account is allowed per person

(Updated October 13th 2011)

File Management

  • All unused files (files which are not included on any page) will be deleted at the Administrators discretion
    • Page must have content about image! (No pages that are just images)
  • Please keep file sizes at 750kb or lower.
    • Any that exceed this may be deleted at wiki staff's discretion

(Updated July 5th 2012)

Revision Management

  • All page revisions older than 1 month will be purged from the wiki
  • Files/Pages that are deleted will be restored at the discretion of the Administrator if asked.
    • Note: Files/Pages deleted may not be able to be restored

(Updated October 13th 2011)

General Editing Conduct

  • If you create a page, please create a category or use a category that already exists (keeps things organized)
  • Any changes to the side bar (the menu on the left) will require an Administrator to edit. Feel free contact the Administrator about any changes you may need
  • No spamming/vandalism of pages is allowed!
    • If found to be spamming/vandalizing, the account will be banned

(Updated October 13th 2011)

Ranks Policy

  • Ranks that are to be used can be found at Policy:Ranks
  • If you wish to use another rank set than what is provided. Contact the Wiki administrator.

(Updated October 13th 2011)

Other Policies

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