Six simple rules

From The Ninth Fleet

The Ninth Fleet has some simple rules to follow. Only six. This is the guidelines set out by the group and something that every member agrees to abide by.

Have some fun, dammit.

We're all here for the same reason, right? To have fun simming with others. Try to keep that in mind.

Keep it civil

As writers and gamers, we are encouraged to show our passion for what we believe in. This, of course, can lead to disagreements about subjects where some passions collide. What we ask is that all discussions are worked out responsibly and maturely; the forum, Wiki or any other place where fleet members congregate publicly is not meant to be a personal battleground in between members. If you need assistance with mediation, do not hesitate to talk to a Council member for help.

The Ninth Fleet has a planning council that comes together and helps run the OOC services of the group

It's the command group that runs as a group of equals helping the place along, instead of a chain of command, called The Council. Membership to the Council only requires that the people involved are involved with the Ninth Fleet in some capacity, be it as a writer or a player, and the agreement of the body of group managers and Council members.

Ranks and promotions

The Ninth Fleet is a loose collection of players and we will generally try to leave you alone if you want, or if you want to participate in our group you can to your own degree. We don't necessarily have a chain of command per se, so anyone that claims to be an "admiral" or a "general" isn't necessarily in charge of anything within this group.

For all roleplaying purposes, we ask that all promotions be kept be kept at a believable level.

In gaming groups, the person intended as the leader for that group will decide a rank and promotion structure.

Please do not do anything that would be considered wildly out of character for your universe in character

Things like have your ship, bristling with weapons, fly into the heart of an enemy stronghold, then nuke and pave the entire surface of the planet are not exactly in Starfleet's character. Or going back in time and erase things from existence at will. We will be adding onto canon, but blatantly violating established canon in ways out of character with the universe is not encouraged.

Fleet communication is intended for age groups 13 and over

Your simulation can be whatever you would like; however if your simulation is intended for age groups that are higher than the task force communication standard, please let us know ahead of time so we can list it on your forum here as being age restricted.

Conversely, the minimum age requirement is due to the US Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 [1]. There is a great deal of paperwork involved with complying with this law and while we are dedicated to being open, this law does present an obstacle we quite honestly do not have the time to deal with. Yes, even if you live outside of the US, we want to keep that standard in place; the hosting for this site is US-based and we need to abide by their laws.

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