Starbase 147

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The subject of this article covers material leading up to and/or including the Star Trek Original Series movies era.

Welcome to Starbase 147, an upcoming simulation in the Ninth Fleet, based in the 2290s era of Star Trek. It is a planetary starbase on the planet Yggdrasil 1a, more colloquially known as Asgard.

Starbase 147 will be focusing around the start of the First Divine War, starting in 2291 and stretching until late 2292. Granted, this is a very small campaign, but there is a bunch of setup writing that needs to be done for the later eras, in order for some of the history to be fully understood. First and foremost, the setup of Starbase 147 and its neighbours has to be done. The simm will start in 2290 and will run just about as fast as the writers want it to run.


Greetings and salutations, visitors, and welcome to the new writing project known as Starbase 147, located on the planet Asgard.

We'll be launching in February 2013, so we're still building this site up to its full potential. You'll see work being done in this page and other pages in the coming times as we keep setting up parts of this base.

See you out there.

--Vice Admiral Gregor Mormar, Commanding Officer

GMormar.jpg Vice Admiral Gregor Mormar Commanding Officer, Starbase 147
Sector Commander, Yggrasil Sector
200px Commander Pierce Mormar Commanding Officer, USS Phobos