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Starbase 400
Technical Details

Spacedock Class


Starbase 400


Federation Starbase and Ship Yard / Ares Sector/Triangle/Romulan Border Area Command Base

Task Force:

9th Fleet, TF 94

Crew Information
Commanding Officer:

Admiral Mike K`Wor Bremer

Executive Officer:

Vice Admiral T'Lar

Second Officer:

Captain Leon 'Lee' Pike


In Service

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Our Mission

It's the year 2391, Romulus and Remas are no more and it's a time of change for the Federation and the rest of the Galaxy. Starbase 400 is a Space Dock type station orbiting Kaleb IV in Beta Quadrant, which sits close to Klingon, Romulan, Gorn, Tholian, and Krazzle territory as well as open space and the unclaimed 'Triangle', home to Pirates and criminals. Starbase 400 has become key to the Federation's future and is home to a variety of Support ships. Classes include; Galaxy Refit, Defiant, Intrepid, Sovereign, Ronin, Akira, Prometheus, Nova, Nebula, Ambassador, Excelsior, Steamrunner, Diligent, Constitution, Saber, Olympic, Gladiator, and Luna! The crew is assigned to a wide variety of mission types including Exploration, Science, Federation Defense, Combat, Covert Operations, Intelligence Gathering, Emergency Response, and much more.

Technical Details

Class: Spacedock


Role: Federation Starbase and Ship Yard, Orbiting the new Colony on Kaleb IV, on the edge of The Triangle, Ares Sector, Beta Quadrant

Status: Active

Location: In Orbit of Kaleb IV, on the edge of 'The Triangle', Ares Sector, Beta Quadrant


Expected Duration: 200 years
Time between resupply: 15 years
Time between refit: 10 years
Category: Federation Starbase


Hybrid bioneural/isolinear circuitry
Primary fusion reactors: output 57.5 EJ/hr
Secondary fusion reactors: output 42.8 EJ/hr
Tractor beam: 10 type-X (range 2.0 km)
Sensors: advanced lateral and long range output/retrieval systems


Officers: 8205
Enlisted crew: 75,000
Marines: 18,000
Civilians: 100-100,000

Auxiliary Craft

Starships: 20 Permanently Attached. Capable to holding up to 40 ships in the internal bay, depending on ship sizes. There are also 10 Dry Docks in orbit nearby.
Shuttle bays: 20
Shuttles: 100 (Various types)
Fighters: 100 (40 Eagle, 40 Valkyrie, 20 Redemption)
Interceptors: 10 (6 Beowulf Refit, 4 Warhammer)
Runabouts: 26 (2 Mustang, 2 Huron, 2 Delta Flyer, 6 Blackhawk, 10 Danube, 2 Argo, 2 Orion)



2000 type-XII phaser arrays


Launchers: 96
Photon: 5200
Quantum: 5500
Hellfire: 2000
Transphaisic: 6
Tri cobalt: 10


Type 1 ablative armor on hull


Height: 13,356 meters
Diameter: 8,781 meters
Decks: 2,750

Crew Manifest

Played Characters;

Spacedock Deep Space.jpg

Commanding Officer / USS Pegasus-B CO: Admiral Mike K`Wor Bremer - Klingon/Human/Vulcan Male

Executive Officer / USS Essex-B CO: Vice Admiral Deela T'Lar - Human/Vulcan Female

Starfleet Command Strategic Intelligence Liaison / USS Gladiator CO - Admiral Sevlek - Vulcan Male

Chief Diplomatic Officer / USS Sutherland CO - Brigadier General Jewel Hurd - Vulcan/Klingon/Human Female

Chief Intel / 2nd XO / USS Luna CO - Captain Leon `Lee` Pike - Human Male

Special Operations Team CO / USS Yorktown-F CO - Captain James K'Temoc Bremer - Klingon/Human/Vulcan Male

Admiral Bremer's Chief of Staff / USS Avenger CO - Captain Ryan Greenwood

Vice Admiral T'Lar's Chief of Staff / USS Kearsarge CO - Captain Andrew Clifford - Human Male

Chief Engineering Officer - Commander Jonathan Coleman - Human Male

Chief Security/Tactical Officer - Commander R'nard Lokran - Tralazar Female

First Marine Division CO / USS Saratoga CO - Colonel Thomas Jackson - Human Male

Chief Medical Officer / USS Mercy CO - Lieutenant Commander Tressa Aislinn Brislan - Human Female

181st Tactical Fighter Wing CO - Major Jillian 'Phoenix' Sullivan - Human Female

Chief Operations Officer - Lieutenant Holly Gillo - Betazoid Female

Chief Counselor - Lieutenant Anandra Delair - Human Female

Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer - Lieutenant JP Saith i-Ki Baratan - Romulan Female

Assistant Chief Operations Officer - Lieutenant JG Jack Solomon - Human Male

Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer - Lieutenant JG William Keikeya Jr. - Human Male

Security/Tactical Officer - Ensign David Brody - Human Male

1st Marine Division First Sergeant - Sergeant Major Marcus Pepper - Human Male

Chief Science Officer / USS Endeavor CO - Captain L'Verrem - Caitian Male

Assistant Chief Science Officer - Lieutenant JG Nuala Takabe - Orion Female

181st Tactical Fighter Wing XO - Captain Alec 'Necrom' Herondale - Human Male

Permanent NPCs;

Kaleb IV Colony CO: Captain Patrick Dow – Human Male

Special Operations Team XO / USS Steadfast CO - Captain Alexandra Harrison - Human Female

Admiral's Yeoman - Petty Officer Aquilina de Luca - Human Female

Yeoman- Petty Officer Seri Tara - Trill Female

Intelligence Officer- Lieutenant Commander Slade Matthews Jr - Human Male

Klingon Restaurant Owner- Larz - Klingon Male

Romulan Restaurant Owner- Crerok - Romulan Female

Shop Owner- Savok - Vulcan Male

Shop Owner- Marg - Ferengi Male

Ferengi Freighter Captain- Zark - Ferengi Male

EMH- Mark IV EMH - 'Human Male'

Security/Tactical Officer - Ensign Vortek - Vulcan Male

Flight Control - Chief Petty Officer Mark Branson - Human Male

Marine - Gunnery Sergeant Marcus Ermey - Human Male

Marine - Gunnery Sergeant Agtx - Gorn Male

Marine - Sergeant Taz - Krazzle Male

Marine - Sergeant Cather - Caitian Male

3rd Marine Regiment Commander - Major T'Lyn - Vulcan Female

4th Marine Regiment Commander - Captain Danny Lennox - Human Male

'Good Fellas Bar and Grille Owner/Bartender - Tom Vercetti - Human Male

Civilian / Retired Marine Lieutenant General - Lieutenant General Janice Fultain-Bremer - Human Female

Admiral Bremer's Son - Acting Ensign Mike K'Wor Bremer Jr. - Human/Klingon Male

Admiral Bremer's Daughter - Becca Bremer - Human/Klingon Female

Admiral Bremer's Son - Marc Fultian-Bremer - Human/Klingon/Vulcan Male

Romulan Liaison Officer - Commander Tamarith - Romulan Female

Klingon Liaison Officer - Sa' K'Vada - Klingon Male

Cardassian Liaison Officer - Gul Mavek - Cardassian Male

Science Officer - Lieutenant Ariel Gilmore - Betazoid Female

Marine Medic - Sergeant George Ann Worth - Human Female

Civilian – Major General Patrick Driggett (ret) – Human Male

Damage Control Specialist - Staff Warrant Officer Xelonul Sebastian Blackthorne - Human Male

'Skyline Lounge' Owner/Host - Crumm Widdy - Bolian Male

Security/Tactical Officer - Warrant Officer Talan - El-Aurian (former Borg drone) Male

Security/Tactical Officer - Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Roebuck IV - Humane Male

Dominion Liaison Officer - First Ramata'tar - Jem'Hadar Male

Medical Officer - Lieutenant JG Susan Raya - Human Female

Klingon Exchange Officer / Intelligence Officer for Klingon Affairs - la' Ch'Tal, Son of Ren'al - Klingon Male

Former Tal Shiar Agent / Intelligence Officer for Romulan Affairs - Major T'Lana - Romulan Female

Intelligence NCO - Sergeant Maal son of Torg - Klingon Male

Civilian - Emmaline Fultian - Human Female

Current Openings;

Chief Strategic Operations Officer / USS Venator CO -

Chief Flight Control Officer -

Training Officer/USS Princeton CO -

Command Master Chief -

Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer/USS Laffey CO -

First Marine Division XO / USS Tiriptz CO -

Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer -

Assistant Chief Medical Officer -

Assistant Chief Engineering Officer -

Security Investigations Officer -

Master-at-Arms -

Civilian/Shop Owner -

General Information

SB400 2.jpg

Starbase 400 was completed in 2369 on the edge of The Triangle, where Federation, Klingon, and Romulan borders meet, orbiting Kaleb IV. It was hoped that having an advanced starbase in the area would not only make the Romulans think twice about crossing into the Neutral Zone, but also service as a location for diplomatic meetings between the three super powers. Starbase 400 soon became one of the main base of operations for the 4th Fleet.

During the Dominion war, SB400 serviced as a remote staging area for Klingon and Romulan fleets heading toward the front lines. Following the war, SB400 serviced as one of the main refit and supply bases for Starfleet vessels leaving the front lines. Starships would be refit for peace time service and crews rotated to other ships or back to there home planets for R&R. In 2380, this duty had been fulfilled.

Following the Shinzon coup, the Romulans wanted to continue diplomatic talks, and several of these were held at SB400 before being moved to Earth. During this time, SB400 began to run into disrepair. With supplies being sent to further out Starbases to restock their stores and trained crews transferred to new ships and bases, SB400 began to see neglect. Commander Conners, the station commander, requested additional supplies and crew, but these requests were ignored. Starfleet's main goal was to bring the outer ring of starbases back up to full strength, while also getting the fleet back on it's feet as well.

SB400 3.jpg

With tensions between the Federation and Romulans easing, SB400 was seen as 'expendable'. Plans were made to deactivate the starbase within two years, however Commander Conners requested an early retirement. With no available commanders, Starfleet Command decided to shut down the base. At the same time, Fleet Admiral Bremer was considering retiring from command.

Hearing about SB400's situation, Bremer requested taking the USS Pegasus to Starbase 400, and taking command of the station. Starfleet declined, saying they had no plans for an Admiral to serve as commander of the starbase. Mike requested a demotion back to Captain to take over SB400. After much consideration, this was approved. The Starships Pegasus and Yorktown joined the neglected USS Luna as 400's support vessels.

With tensions between the Federation and Romulans on the rise again, conflict between the C'Hakilians and Krazzle, and Pirate activity become a bigger problem, Bremer was promoted back to Admiral and additional support vessels, the 181st Tactical Fighter Wing, and the 1st Marine Division have been assigned to Starbase 400.

Auxiliary Vessel Loadout

Attached Starships


USS Pegasus The Galaxy Class Refit USS Pegasus-B, Admiral Bremer's Flagship, joined SB400 in 2383 as the primary support vessel. The Pegasus is under the direct command of Admiral Bremer. To help prolong the ship's service life she has recently been upgraded with Quantum Slipstream Drive, Positronic Computer Core, LCARS-7, and Type-XIII phaser arrays.

USS Yorktown The Defiant Class USS Yorktown-F is a brand new Defiant Class starship. She was commissioned in 23909 at Starbase 400 after the destruction of the Yorktown-E in 2388. The Yorktown-F was built with the newest technology including Quantum Slipstream Drive, Positronic Computer Core, and LCARS-7. The Yorktown is under the direct command of Captain K'Temoc.

USS Essex The Intrepid Class USS Essex replaced the Sovereign class USS Essex which serviced Starfleet for many years, including during the Dominion War. She was upgraded with Quantum Slipstream Drive in 2390, and the vessel is under Starbase 400's XO, Vice Admiral T'Lar's, Command.

USS Kearsarge The Intrepid Class USS Kearsarge is one of the newest of her class. She was assigned to SB400 after commissioning in early 2387 to replace the USS Intrepid that was reassigned. Her role is to help with increasing pirate activity within the Triangle as well as general defense. Her CO is Captain Clifford.

USS Vanguard The USS Vanguard is a Sovereign Class ship, recently re-assigned back to SB400. Previously, she was the station's R&D vessel, but now her role is to help with increasing pirate activity within the Triangle, patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone, as well as general patrol and defense duties. She has recently been upgraded with Quantum Slipstream Drive, Positronic Computer Core, LCARS-7, and Type-XIII phaser arrays. Command is on a mission by mission basis.

USS Luna The Luna Class USS Luna-A is the last of her class, named for the first USS Luna, prototype of the Luna Class. She was assigned to SB400 after she was commissioned in 2381. The Luna-A was once decommissioned to address problems that arose aboard several Luna Class ships. She was recommissioned a year later. Her primary role is Intel gathering. The Luna is usually under the direct command of Captain Pike.

USS Durga The Ronin Class USS Durga NCC-75157-A is a brand ship built at Starbase 400, the second ship build there, replacing the previous ship named Durga, a Europa class vessel that was nearly destroyed by Pirates operating out of the Triangle. The ship operates as a Defense vessel and she has recently been upgraded with Quantum Slipstream Drive, Positronic Computer Core, LCARS-7, and Type-XIII phaser arrays. Command is on a mission by mission basis.

USS Saratoga The Akira Class USS Saratoga was assigned to Starbase 400 in 2386. She operates as a Tactical Support and Marine deployment vessel and usually under the command of the 1st Marine Division CO, Lieutenant Colonel Hurd.

USS Venator The Prometheus Class USS Venator was assigned to Starbase 400 in 2386. The ship services as a Tactical Support vessel and she has recently been upgraded with Quantum Slipstream Drive, Positronic Computer Core, LCARS-7, and Type-XIII phaser arrays. Lieutenant Commander Yamaguchi is her usual Commanding Officer.

USS Sutherland The Nebula Class USS Sutherland has been in service for many years, but was assigned to Starbase 400 in 2386. The Sutherland's primary role at Starbase 400 will be Diplomatic Operations. She was recently upgraded with Quantum Slipstream Drive and is commanded by Brigadier General Jewel Hurd.

USS Ark Royal The Ambassador class USS Ark Royal is a new addition to SB400. She was assigned to the station in 2388. The USS Ark Royal's primary role at Starbase 400 is an Engineering Response Vessel that's equipped to quickly deploy anywhere in need of engineering assistance. She is commanded by Commander Coleman.

USS Endeavor The Nova Class USS Endeavor joined Starbase 400 in 2386 as the station's Science vessel and often operates under Captain L'Verrem's command.

SB400 8.png

USS Laffey The Defiant Class USS Laffey is one of the newest Defiant Class ship in the Fleet. Her role at SB400 is to patrol of The Triangle and the border of the Romulan Neutral Zone. Command is on a mission by mission basis.

USS Avenger The Intrepid Class USS Avenger-A replaced the Defiant class USS Avenger which was decommissioned following massive damage after a battle with Gorn ships. Under Captain Greenwood's Command, the Avenger-A's job is to patrol the Federation border and The Triangle area while training her new crew.

USS Tirpitz The Excelsior Class USS Tirpitz is a Marine Deployment and Defense vessel, commanded by Major Jackson, the 1st Marine Division's XO.

USS Constantinople The Steamrunner Class USS Constantinople is the former Flagship of Admiral Sorac Dunar. She will be used to patrol the Federation border and the Triangle area. Command is on a mission by mission basis.

USS Steadfast The Diligent Class USS Steadfast is a new vessel. The Steadfast as been assigned to Starbase 400's Special Operations Team and is commanded by Captain Harrison.

USS Princeton The USS Princeton is a Constitution Class Refit ship that sat in mothballs for over seventy years. She is being recommissioned and modernized to serve as a training ship and patrol vessel at Starbase 400.

USS Cutlass The Saber class USS Cutlass joined Starbase 400 almost by accident in 2388. The Cutlass was the escort of the Medical Ship USS Mercy when she responded to a medical emergency along with vessels from Starbase 400. Suffering damage during the operation, the Cutlass returned to Starbase 400 where she has remained. Her role will be defense of the Kaleb Sector and nearby Federation border. Command is on a mission by mission basis.

USS Mercy The Olympic class Medical Ship, USS Mercy will respond to any medical crisis that arises within nearby space. Her CO is Lieutenant Commander Brislan, M.D.

USS Lexington The Sovereign Class USS Lexington-D has recently been re-assigned back to SB400. Her role is to help with increasing pirate activity within the Triangle as well as general patrol and defense duties along the Federation border. She has recently been upgraded with Quantum Slipstream Drive, Positronic Computer Core, LCARS-7, and Type-XIII phaser arrays. Command is on a mission by mission basis.

USS Gladiator The Gladiator is the prototype for the new Gladiator Class starship. An all new design, this advised tactical cruiser comes with Quantum Slipstream Drive, Positronic Computer Core, LCARS-7, Type-XIII Phasers, and other new systems. She is under the direct command of Admiral Sevlek.


100 Shuttles, Various Types

2000 Workbees and Pods

Fighter Compliment

181st Tactical Fighter Wing consists of 40 Eagle Class, 40 Valkyrie Class, and 20 Redemption Class Federation Attack Fighters. This is one of the newest additions to Starbase 400. The Fighter Wing is commanded by Marine Major Jillian 'Phoenix' Sullivan. The 181st uses various types of Federation Attack Fighters, allowing the 181st to be deployed in a variety of situations.


6 Beowulf Class Refit - USS Archmail, USS Octavius, USS Thor

2 Delta Flyer Class

2 Mustang Class

6 Blackhawk Class

4 Warhammer Class

10 Danube Class - USS Catawba, USS Chapel, USS Cherokee, USS Congaree, USS Edisto, USS Kiawah, USS Majel, USS Saluda, USS Waccamaw, USS Wateree

2 Huron Class

2 Argo Class

2 Orion Class

Docked Vessels

Civilian Vessels

These ships belong to civilians that live on SB400;

FAS Allora - D`Kora Class - Owned by Zark - Docking port 10

Vessel held in Reserve

SB400 5.jpg

These vessels are docked at Starbase 400 and are assigned to the reserve fleet. While they are not decommissioned, they are currently not assigned crews or missions. They are held in reserve in case a crisis should break out;
USS Antietam (Constellation Class - NCC-3890)

USS Backman (Backman Class - NCC-81944)

USS Boxer (Excelsior Class - NCC-8442)

USS Dorsetshire (Miranda Class Refit - NCC-2100)

USS Gneisenau (Akula Class Refit - NCC-3492)

USS Hope (Olympic Class - NCC-60975)

USS Invincible (Akula Class Refit - NCC-5771)

USS McCook (Akayzi Class - NCC-1089)

USS Mogami (Constellation Class - NCC-7830)

USS Newton (Oberth Class - NCC-58209)

USS Nagato (Miranda Class Refit - NCC-11193)

USS Pholus (Centaur Class - NCC-43948)

USS Renown (Excelsior Class - NCC-19382)

USS Sussex (Miranda Class Refit - 2808)

USS Tsunenaga (Excelsior Class Refit - NCC-68745)

USS Wasp (Constitution Class Refit - NCC-1808)

USS Cairo (Luna Class - NCC-42136-C)

USS Diego Garcia (Akira Class - NCC-68754)

IKS D'akrurak (K'T inga Class)

IKS Kang (B'rel Class)

Vessels operating within the Ares Sector area

These vessels Operate within the Ares Sector dock at Starbase 400 for Refit, Overhaul, Repair, and/or crew R&R;

SB400 6.jpg

USS Amelia Earhart (Kelvin Class - NCC-79202)

USS Andrew A. Haldane (Akira Class - NCC-68884)

USS San Miguel (Ambassador Class - NCC-24895)

USS Bismarck (Excalibur Class - NCC-77022)

USS Camaro (Defiant Class - NCC-74409)

USS Cameron (Steamrunner Class - NCC-62884)

USS Carpathia (Nebula Class - NCC-88214)

USS Challenger (Galaxy Class - 71099)

USS Clemson (Raptor Class - NCC-88374)

USS Dirk (Saber Class - NCC-61948)

USS Exeter (Excelsior Class Refit - NCC-54702)

USS Firebird (Charleston Class - NCC-79640)

USS George S. Patton (Excelsior Class - NCC-41945)

USS George Washington (Galaxy Class Refit - NCC-73073)

USS Helius (Titan Class - NCC-80991)

USS Hornet (Raptor Class - NCC-80308)

USS Kumari (Akira Class - NCC-69972)

USS Neptune (Sovereign Class - NCC-79921)

USS North Carolina (Insignia Class - NCC-47203-A)

USS Oriskany (Steamrunner Class - NCC-64310)

USS Richard Winters (Diligent Class - NCC-81945)

USS Saturn (Ambassador Class - NCC-20104)

USS South Carolina (Defiant Class - NCC-74300-A)

USS Tarsus (Akira Class - NCC-68753)

USS Ti'Mur (Nebula Class - NCC-69972)

USS Ticonderoga (Excelsior Class Refit - NCC-49598)

USS Vendetta (Galaxy Class - NCC-8325-C)

USS Viking (Intrepid Class - NCC-74680)

USS Vincennes (Sovereign Class - NCC-77504)

USS Warrior (Defiant Class - NCC-80725)

CUS Kreta - Keldon Class - Cardassian Liaison Officer's Ship

IKS meH'Haj - Negh'Var Class - Klingon Liaison Officer's Ship

IRV Rakal - Valdore Class - Romulan Liaison Officer's Ship

Out of Character Information


Mission 87 - Disaster
Starbase 400 is asked to respond to a planetary disaster on Hunster II, a new Federation Colony along the Federation Border with the Krazzle Empire.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Krazzle Empire, Ra' Graline, comes to Starbase 400 to discuss relations between the Krazzle and the Federation with Admirals Bremer, Sevlek, and T'Lar. Tensions are high aboard the Station and there's a sense of uneasiness in the air...

Starbase 400 is a NOVA based simm. The simm has been administered by Mike Bremer since 1996 and began as the USS Pegasus in 1995. The simm has been running constantly since then, and was the first member simm of The Seventh Fleet then Tango Fleet in 1995 and Bravo Fleet in 1997. In 2006, the Pegasus simm went though a major change and became Starbase 400. Joining the Pegasus at SB400 was the USS Yorktown formerly of the Avalon Fleet Yards simm. This simm was also the first to win the Bravo Fleet Admiral’s Commendation Simm of the Year Award (now known as The Michelle Cox Memorial Simm of the Year award) in 1997.

Starbase 400 offers new and veteran players quality interactive simming. The main site features a custom flash menu with information ranging from Crew info to Support Ship specs, a full Star Trek database, Image Gallery, historical timeline, and much more. Read though the mission logs or about our support vessels. We know you’ll be intrigued!

Major Awards

SB400 4.gif
Laureate Award Year
USS Pegasus Bravo Fleet's Fleet Admiral's Commendation Simm of the Year December 1997
USS Pegasus Bravo Fleet Simm of the Week October 2001
USS Pegasus Bravo Fleet Simm of the Week August 2004
Mike Bremer Simming Prize 2011
Starbase 400 Simming Prize 2012

Here is a full list of awards won by the simm and crew over the years - *Simm/Crew Awards

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