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Starbase Bravo
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"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty.-John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President, United States of America, Earth"

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Starbase Bravo
Technical Details

Spacedock Class


Starbase Bravo (349)


Raeyan Alliance Starbase/Raeya Sector

Task Force:

9th Fleet, TF 95

Crew Information
Commanding Officer:

Admiral Liam Riskin

Executive Officer:

Captain Naomi Morgan


In Service

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The Starbase

Starbase Bravo (Starbase 349) is a Spacedock Class space station in the Raeyan Sector, orbiting Raeya III in geosynchronous orbit. Constructed in 2373, Starbase Bravo serves the entire Raeyan Sector as a commerce and diplomatic hub. The Raeyan Council, made of representatives from the native major races of the sector as well as the surrounding areas is based here and seeks to maintain the peace through diplomatic efforts. Starbase Bravo also keeps constant vigilance for trouble since the Raeyan Sector is the crossroads for the Klingons, Romulans, Krazzle, and C’Hakilians, as well as numerous minor races. Almost 250,000 beings live on Starbase Bravo permanently and several million passing through every year. Starbase Bravo is currently under the command of Rear Admiral Liam Riskin.

In 2387, Rear Admiral Liam Riskin announced the secession of Starbase 349 from the United Federation of planets following a series of illegal and unethical orders from Starfleet Command the the Federation President. It is now an independent state and member of the newly formed Raeyan Alliance.

SB400 1.jpg
Starbase Bravo
Class Information
Expected Duration:

200 Years

Resupply Interval:


Refit Interval:

10 Years


Federation Starbase/Raeya Sector HQ


8781 Meters


13356 Meters



Power Reactors








Auxiliary Craft
Internal Starship Bays:


Shuttle/Hangar Bays:








Tactical Systems

1000 Type XII Arrays

Torpedo Launchers:


Quantum Torpedoes:


Photon Torpedoes:





Ablative Shielding

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Sim Background

Starbase Bravo-Between Hope and Madness

An Empire dies... Friends turn to enemies... The olive branch is burned in forges of war... An ancient race rises to reclaim their throne upon the galaxy... And no one left to trust...but each other 

This is the story of Starbase Bravo, the last remaining outpost of sanity in a universe gone mad. 

Premise:  In 2387, a supernova of unprecedented nature threatens Romulus and a dozen other worlds. The Federation knows of it and how to stop it.  However, instead of reaching out in friendship with the way to stop the shockwave, the Federation turns its back. Helpless, Romulus and the other worlds are destroyed, shattering their star spanning Empire. 

Billions die.

The once great civilization descends into chaos and civil war as factions vie for control of the Raptor Throne. Turmoil engulfs the Federation in the wake of the Council's abandoning of the Romulans in their hour of greatest need. The Klingon Empire, sensing weakness, seeks to drive a stake in the Raptor's heart forever, and destroy anyone in their way. 

None of this chaos is accidental, but part of a well orchestrated plan of an ancient race that once ruled the galaxy. Their prison accidentally pierced by the final test of a revolutionary propulsion system gone terribly wrong, now seek to reestablish their empire. This enemy does not conquer with starships and troops and weapons, but by manipulation. The conquered will accept their new masters with open arms. 

At the center of the maelstrom lies Starbase Bravo, located in the Raeyan Sector, the cross roads of the Federation, Klingons, Romulans, and a dozen other powers.The station's commanding officer is the only one who knows the truth. The crew of Starbase Bravo must find a way to expose the Demons of Air and Darkness and stop them before its too late for even the Federation to stand.

Starbase Bravo is currently aged 17+ forum based game. We strongly emphasize character development and interaction. Most of our players are veterans with years of simm experience, and we are happy to welcome those new to the hobby! The atmosphere of SBB is DS9 meets Babylon 5 meets the new Battlestar Galactica meets H.P. Lovecraft. Things will never be as they seem on the surface and things won't always end well for us. Our characters are ever mindful that this is an area of great strife and our presence is all that stands between peace and total chaos. I'll try to come up with exciting and complex story lines and throw in twists and turns for you along the way, and give the players every opportunity to grow their characters.

Standard Canon

There are many opportunities for 'standard' adventures that lie in Star Trek canon such as First Contacts, exploration missions, and even scenarios set within the station's confines.

Diplomatic Intrigue

Starbase Bravo is home to diplomats from all over the area. Of particular interest is the Raeyan Council, nicknamed The Five. The Five represent the five major powers in the Raeyan Sectors: The zealous Xeltic, the aquatic Melsha, the merchant/entertainer Fanromi, the Poogrim, and the reptilian Sithakir. Though they meet begrudgingly to settle their differences, each has their own agenda. There are also outside influences, including The Federation, the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire, Krazzle, C'Hakilians, and several minor races. The Cardassians also maintain an embassy there. The Raeyans themselves, who act as hosts to Starbase Bravo, are a humanoid race who are taking their first steps into the universe.

The Scar

The Scar.jpg

The Scar is a seething ribbon of spacetime that appeared after the USS Millennium activated her Dynamic Warp Drive (DWD) (see the The Millennium Incident) in the area for its final test run, causing her crew to vanish and left her in pieces. Since then from around known space, individuals appeared to be somehow called to it and have gone mad with the singular purpose of entering it. They are known as The Called. The Federation has set up a Quarantine Zone around the Scar to prevent anymore ships from entering its maw, and Starbase Bravo is charged with maintaining it. Garbled messages from the past, present, and possible futures, and messages in unknown languages are heard in the constant subspace static The Scar emits. There have even been reports of starships briefly appearing and disappearing again near it. The Scar also occasionally emits intense subspace pulses, disrupting navigational and communication systems. In all cases but one, ships reaching the Scar are never seen or heard from again. So far, the USS Millennium's crew are the only ones who have returned from the Scar (in the episode Whispers In The Dust).

Cities built by a little-known ancient race, abandoned and covered in the dust of eons, have suddenly come to life with unknown purpose. The ancient city on Dar'ka IV was the subject of an archaeological expedition, who went mad soon after the Scar opened and the city's power source started up again. The city was somehow repairing itself and was emitting an intense beam of unknown energy toward the Scar from its central 'plaza'.

The Raeyan Council

Diplomatic efforts in the sector are centered around the Raeyan Council. It is an advisory council made of representitives of the five major native races of the sector (known as The Five), as well as from the surrounding territories. Current council membership include:

In 2387, Starbase Bravo, The Five, and Mandukar formed the Raeyan Alliance. The Alliance is a non-aligned mutual trade and defense treaty amongst the member worlds.