Task Force 93

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The subject of this article covers material in the post-Nemesis era.

The Theta Antars Expedition mission patch.

Task Force 93, also known as the Theta Antares Expedition, is a Starfleet task force, focused on an area of space that encompasses the Theta Antares sector, but also covers the M90 Galaxy's sectors of space and is the first, last and only line of defense against the Divine Alliance. Under the overall command of Marine General Jordyn Mormar, whom also serves as Theta Antares Sector Commander, and Admiral Saxtus Fayhan, in charge of Starfleet ships in the region, they have been the primary force fighting the Divine Alliance during the Second Divine War.

Areas of Operation

Task Force 93 is unique, as it has two places to cover that are very far apart - the Beta and Theta Antares sectors on the Milky Way galaxy side, and the area known as "The Slice" in the M90 galaxy.

Milky Way

Task Force 93's area of operations lies on the outskirts of the Federation's "southwest" corner, lying on the border region of the Orion Spur of the Milky Way galaxy before crossing into the Sagittarius Arm, stretching from the Beta Antares star to the Theta Antares star. Patrol area to cover is approximately 40,000 cubic light-years of space.

The reason why Starfleet set up a task force here in this remote part of the galaxy is due to the presence of a unique piece of recovered technology, the Iconian Super Gateway, which leads to the M90 galaxy. This is found past the Theta Antares star, approximately ten light-years into the void. Theta Antares is the closest star to the Gateway.


M90 is unlike any other area the Federation has ever operated in. Unlike the Milky Way, the Federation is limited to an area of five sectors of space, approximately taking up 10,000 cubic light-years of space, before being surrounded on all sides by a galaxy-spanning empire of religious zealots.

Major Bases and Planets

Milky Way

Support facilities are either under construction or repair for the most part in the area.