Theta Antares Fleet Yards

From The Ninth Fleet

There have been two facilities designated Theta Antares Fleet Yards (TAFY), built to provide ship-building and drydocking facilities for the forces stationed in the Theta Antares Sector.

The First TAFY: Theta Antares System

The first TAFY was constructed at the edge of the Theta Antares star system when sector operations began in 2384. During the Battle of Theta Antares in March 2386, when a splinter force from the Scions' Rift penetrated deep into the Sector, TAFY would be destroyed along with the Theta Antares Sector Patrol. Major General Maria Angelica De'Masi, commander of Task Force 93, would request the reconstruction of the facility several times, but to no avail. With TAFY's destruction, repairs had to be directed to distant shipyards, or through the Iconian Super Gateway to M90 at Gateway Station.

The Second TAFY: Bowman-Diego System

After his assumption of command of TF93 in September 2386, following the disappearance of General De'Masi, Rear Admiral Joshua Underwood met with General Jordyn Mormar, commander of the Ninth Fleet, and joined with him to push Starfleet for the construction of autonomous facilities - not only shipyards, but the infrastructure needed to collect the materials necessary for building them - in the Theta Antares Sector. Mormar sent scout ships and also travelled himself to the location of the new Theta Antares Fleet Yards, in the Bowman-Diego system. Construction of the starbase facility for TAFY was completed by the end of November, a testament to the quick ingenuity of TF93's engineers. After an attack against Caesius Marine Base, the task force headquarters, in December, Underwood temporarily moved operations to the new TAFY.

Among the first new ships constructed at the new TAFY was the U.S.S. Archangel, a Sovereign-class vessel designed as an experimental testbed.