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USS Arlington
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Welcome to the Arlington

Welcome to the U.S.S. Arlington one of the premiere ships in the Ninth Fleet. The Arlington is assigned to Task Force 70 under the command of Admiral Franklin. I want to encourage you all too look around and see what you think of this fine sim and if you are interested in joining please register on the forums. The USS Arlington takes place in 2295 and she is under the command of Captain Allan McBain who is very well seasoned Captain and the right man for the job.

Arlington's Mandate:

The U.S.S. Arlington's mandate is to continue the Federation expansion, By making the Arlington a Curry Class a Troop Transport Variant. The role of the Arlington is simple its designed to send out troops or colonist to the far reaches of the Federation. The Arlinton's main theatre of operation will be in the newly annexed Doradis Antares Sector of space and from there it is a space race against time and mainly the Romulan Star Empire. With a new treaty with the Klingon Empire the Federation decided this would best time to have ships like the Arlington reach out and colonize the new sector of space.

Breaking News

  • (05/Sept/2295) Captain McBain is appointed the CO of the USS Arlington.

USS Arlington/Area Map

U.S.S. Arlington Senior Staff

The Senior Staff
Commanding Officer W-o6.png

Captain Allan McBain

Executive Officer No Rank-w.png Position Available (apply today)
Second Executive Officer No Rank-w.png Position Available (apply today)
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