USS Avenger

From The Ninth Fleet

Defiant Rift.jpg
USS Avenger
Technical Details

Defiant Class





Task Force:


Task Force CO:

Lieutenant General Mormar

Crew Information
Commanding Officer:

Captain Ryan Greenwood

Executive Officer:

Commander Leanna Whitehawk

Second Officer:



In Service

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Current Mission

Building Tensions

The USS Avenger has been sent to Starbase 400 as a support vessel to the station while the sensor grid is brought online. Starfleet is concerned that the Pirate and Gorn activity along the border my indicate a possible attack on the base. As they are enroute to the Starbase, Captain Greenwood has a second mission in mind for two of his crew. He doesnt believe the sensor grid just failed, but that is may have been sabotage to make it easier to capture or destroy the station if the Gorn or even the Pirates, were building along the border for an attack. The only risk is that the station commander, Captain Frost, does not want the investigation on his station and will prevent any from occuring while he still remains in command. Will the Executive officer and Intellegence officer take on the task of running an investigation under cover? Will Captain Frost find out? Are the Gorn really going to attack? Stay tuned to find out!