USS Comanche

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USS Comanche
Technical Details





Heavy Cruiser/Light Carrier

Commission Date:

Stardate 62476.28
July 19, 2386

Task Force:

Task Force 93

Crew Information
Commanding Officer:

Sara Morgan

Executive Officer:

Hal Stark

Second Officer:

John Patterson

Current PC Count:

NPC Ship



Dedication Plaque
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The USS Comanche is a Akira Class starship under the Command of Colonel Sara Morgan. The Comanche was commissioned on Stardate 62476.28 and entered service shortly there after. Colonel Sara Morgan has been the ship's only commanding officer since her commission.

The shuttle Spirit Warrior

On Stardate 62477.3 the Comanche was ordered into the Gamma Quadrant were she was assigned patrol duties along the Dominion border. Her job was to carry out recon missions of the Dominion area of operations to ascertain the Dominions strength. On one such scouting mission the Comanche picked up a distress call from a Federation craft. Upon locating the planet where the distress call was coming from the crew of the Comanche was able to locate the ship on the planet's surface. When, Colonel Morgan and her landing party beamed down they could not believe there eye's before them was the wreckage of the NX-02 Columbia.

USS Comanche Emblem

Since, September of 2386 the Comanche has been on patrol in the Gamma Quadrant where she has performed escort duties for Federation shipping as well as patrol duties for pirate activity.

On Ocotber 1, 2386 the Comanche was ordered to the M90 Galaxy where she has acted as a scout for the Federation Fleet in the M90 Galaxy. During the time spent in the M90 Galaxy to date the Comanche has been in numerous small skirmishes.

December 3, 2386 saw the biggest engagement of the Comanche thus far when the Comanche & the USS Shenandoah were attacked in the Verap System by 4 Divine warship's. In the battle that followed the Comanche suffered major damage and the USS Shenandoah was destroyed.

The USS Comanche has since returned to the Federation area of operations in M90 for refit and repair.

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