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USS Discovery
Technical Details

Discovery Class




Deep Space Explorer

Commission Date:

Januray 24, 2387
Stardate 62893.4

Task Force:

Task Force 91

Crew Information
Commanding Officer:

Captain Robert Scott

Current PC Count:




Dedication Plaque
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A overhead view of the USS Discovery
View of the USS Discovery's main bridge

On January 24, 2387 in great fanfare the Federation's newest starship was commissioned the USS Discovery. The first of her class of Deep Space Explorer's she was seen as way to carry out the mandates of Starfleet. Built to stay in space a little longer than most ships she was seen as a way to get back to exploration.

After her commission she left spacedock on her maiden voyage. After her departure the Discovery headed out into space towards the Risan System. Not more than three days into her journey the Discovery passed into a temporal anomaly. Emerging into another reality the USS Discovery encountered her counter part the ISS Discovery.

A battle ensued between both ships with damage being taken by both of them. When Captain Soctt ordered a full phaser strike on the ISS Discovery the damage suffered by the other ship was such that a matter/antimatter containment failed and the ship was destroyed.

Captain Soctt ordered his ship back into the rift and after emerging in the correct time & place he returned to Earth Spacedock for some repairs. After returning to Spacedock on January 29, 2387 the Discovery returned to spacedock & on January 30, 2387 the Discovery began he repairs. Since the damage was not very bad it would only take a week to repair the ship and on February 7, 2387 the Discovery left again on her mission to explore the Federation.