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The subject of this article covers material in the post-Nemesis era.

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Career (Starfleet) Federation.png
Class and type:

Intrepid Class

Registry: NCC-173-B
Name: Essex
Namesake: Essex County, England
Owner: United Federation of Planets
Operator: Starfleet
Launched: 2389
Status: In active service
General characteristics

Type: Flight IIA
Installed power: One matter-antimatter warp reactor
Propulsion: Two variable geometry warp nacelles
Speed: Warp 9.975
Range: 10,000 light-years
Endurance: Five years between resupply/refit
Sensors and
processing systems:
Standard long-range and short range sensor suite
Armor: Duranium-tritanium hull plating
Multiphasic shields
Shuttles: 3 Type-9 shuttles
3 Type-11 shuttles
Runabouts: 1 Flyer Class runabout
Spacecraft facilities: Main shuttlebay, two auxiliary bays

The USS Essex is an Intrepid Class starship in the service of the United Federation of Planets Starfleet. It is the third Starfleet vessel to bear the name Essex, dating back to the first Daedalus Class vessels.

The commanding officer of this ship is Vice Admiral Deela T'Lar.


The name Essex dates back to the 17th century of Earth, the first sailing vessel being the HMS Essex, a third-rate Speaker class wooden frigate launched in 1653. It was a participant in the Four Days Battle for England, ending up getting captured by the Dutch and pressed into service for the Dutch after capture.

The name was used on several other vessels throughout Earth's sailing history. More famously than the prior was the USS Essex, a 36-gun sailing frigate for the United States Navy, which served in the First Barbary War and the War of 1812, where she was captured by the British in 1814 and then pressed into service as HMS Essex. The other would be the aircraft carrier Essex, launched in 1942 and participating in World War II for the Americans.

In Starfleet history, the Daedalus Class Essex was one of the first ships built specifically for Starfleet not at an Earth-based facility, being built at the recently completed yards orbiting Andoria. She was put up as a training vessel in the early 23rd century and perpetually remained commissioned for a little over 150 more years, until the spaceframe was declared unsafe after major structural damage was found.

The Essex-A was the first new Essex in many years, a Sovereign class vessel. After 14 years of service, the Sovereign Class iteration of this vessel met with a disaster that caused her to be completely unrecoverable.

A new Intrepid class ship now bears the name USS Essex NCC173-B.

Essex's CO

Deela T'Lar was given command of the USS Essex NCC-173-A along with a promotion to Captain in 2375. The USS Essex NCC-173-A continued her voyage until she exploded in 2389. The mystery behind the destruction of the USS Essex NCC-173-A has never been solved but investigators believe that she was a victim of foul play.

The USS Essex NCC-173-B, which is still commanded by Vice Admiral Deela T'Lar, is now a part of Starbase 400.