USS Guardian

From The Ninth Fleet

USS Guardian
Technical Details

Odyssey Class Heavy Cruiser




Command and Control/Deep Space Exploration

Task Force:

The Ninth Fleet, Alpha Quadrant Tactical Interdiction Group Alpha

Crew Information
Commanding Officer:

Captain C J McClellan

Executive Officer:

Commander Valerie Davidson


In Service

Dedication Plaque
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=/\= Welcome to the U.S.S. Guardian (NCC-82001) =/\=

To stand on a new world and look beyond it to the next one.

Since Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon, this has been our goal, as explorers. We endeavor to know more, to seek out, to discover. We honor the past fallen explorers. The crew of Apollo who gave their lives in the quest for exploration, The Challenger Astronauts who gave their lives leading us into our future, The Columbia Astronauts who gave their lives in the name of progress. For the last 347 years we have expanded from our own solar system, to distant stars, distant worlds. We have grasped the reality that we were not alone. We have extended the hands of humanity to greet species from other worlds, working side by side as we endeavor to answer a common question.... "what's out there?

These are the continuing voyages of the U.S.S. Guardian. The new Odyssey Class Heavy Cruiser (NCC-82001) has taken station in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants to provide a deterrant against any incursion into Federation space, protect the worlds of these sectors, and the Federation, and will endeavor to uphold the history, and the standards set by Starships and their crews from the NX-01, to current day.

Come along for the ride... it's going to be exciting.......

"Our armament must be adequate to the needs, but our faith is not primarily in these machines of defense, but in ourselves" -Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

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Mission Briefing
Stardate 87307.76

VADM Douglas, Xavier James
Starfleet Intelligence, Commanding

Capt. McClellan, Colin James
USS Guardian, Commanding

Good Day Captain.

Your mission and summary are as follows.

The Romulan Republic leader, D'Tan, has requested that we assist them with some internal matters, that could have the potential to effect the affairs of the Romulan people on Dewa III (New Romulas). In this regard he has appointed Ambassador Tre'Val as our liason to him, and the Romulan people and requested she work with us directly to seek out, investigate, and assist with any issues that may come to light.

You will grant her not only full diplomatic immunity and latitude, but also allow her all privileges and honors due that of a dignitary, within reason Captain, you are inevitably in Command of your ship, and it's mission.

Our primary concern for the moment is as follows. As you are aware, The Romulans use a forced quantum singularity to power most of their key planetary facilities, as well as their Starships. A by-product of this process is a compound called Terranidium. This compound is similar to antimatter in that it's reaction to matter would cause an event similar to that of a matter-antimatter discharge. It is removed at regular intervals from the Forced Singularity plants containment equipment as a matter of safety and in it's innate state, it is harmless under proper controls. However, when combined with antimatter it exponentially increases the volatile nature of the antimatter. Experiments have shown that it can severely destabilize the ability to control and contain the antimatter. With respect to weapons, it is dangerous in that it can be used to significantly increase the yield of a warhead, while still lacking the necessary safety features required. Transportation and disposal of this compound is carefully guarded.

The location, route, and frequency of these transports are not only protected by the highest measures of security, the schedules and locations of the disposal procedures are transmitted to Starfleet Intelligence as a result of the Treaty secured between the Federation and the Romulan Republic.

We believe this process and these safeguards have been compromised.

You are to investigate this possibility, and take whatever actions are necessary to assist the Romulan Government in securing this material and re-establish safe transportation and disposal of the compound.

Future contact and discussion as well as additional orders concerning this mission and subject will be restricted to this command, level Bravo Four clearance and above, only.

That is all,


Douglas, X. J.
Starfleet Intelligence

Player Characters


Commanding Officer: Captain C J McClellan

Romulan Diplomat: Ambassador Tre'Val

Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Commander Marcus Hardin

Chief Tactical Officer: Lieutenant Helen Remmick

Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant T'san Sharp

Chief Science Officer: Lieutenant Lexi Hannah Daniels

Ship's Counselor: Ensign Ryann McDermitt

Helmsman: Lieutenant J'onn J'onzz

Operations: Ensign Samantha "Sam" Keene

Recurring Non Player Characters

Executive Officer: Commander Valerie Davidson

Aid to Ambassador Tre'Val: Diplomat Czerny Bryn

Senior Ship's Counselor: Lieutenant Amelia Fuentes P.H.D.

Commanding Officer, Starfleet Intelligence: Admiral Xavier James Douglas

Starship Specifications



Expected Duration: 120 years
Time between resupply: 24 Months
Refit Interval: 24 years
Category: Federation Heavy Cruiser


Length 936 meters
Width 518.4 meters
Height 156 meters
Decks 40


Power Plant

Dual General Electric Type 10 M/ARA drives (each equipped with 2 back-up warp core assemblies)
Warp Cruising Speed Warp 8.1
Warp Maximum Speed Warp 9.7
Emergency Speed Warp 9.925 for 12 hours

Impulse Drive

Odyssey Class Mass Drivers (developed and built by HighMPact Propulsion Laboratories)
RCS Thruster Type 64 Version V magneto hydrodynamic gas-fusion thrusters, 16 quads deployed evenly over the primary hull
RCS Thruster Output 6.8 million Newtons per quad


Starship Compliment - 2050

Officers 311
Crew 1626
Civilian and Diplomatic 113
Emergency Capacity 4188



3 Type-XV frequency remodulating dual Phaser arrays - 2 saucer forward, 1 aft (primarily for high volume sustained bombardment, these arrays have an enormous energy requirement, can also be used in ship to ship combat but energy requirement will be a factor)
6 Type XII frequency remodulating phaser strips (upper and lower saucer, port nacelle, starboard nacelle, and lower hull)
4 Type X frequency remodulating phaser arrays ( 2 forward saucer center, 2 aft rear center engineering hull)
32 deployable Type J phaser turrets (point defense, aligned along upper and lower saucer section and hull, also has a high energy usage requirement)


Torpedo Launchers (5) 2 forward, 1 aft, 1 port, 1 starboard
Torpedoes - 1000 (750 Quantum Torpedoes, 250 Photon Torpedoes)
Tri-Cobalt devices - 25



Metaphasic Shiedling
Multiphasic Hull Conformal MLSS (multi-layered shield system)


Tactical Ablative Armor
Duranium-Tritanium hybrid alloy hull plating

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttle bays: 2
Shuttles: 10 (2 Danube Class Runabout, 2 Yellowstone Class Runabout, 1 Delta Flyer, 3 Type VIII, 1 Argo type II, 1 Romulan Kestral Class Runabout)
Primary Saucer Seperation
Aquarius Class Light Destroyer - USS Midway (NCC-113006)
Captain's Yacht

Cargo/Towing Systems

Tractor Beam Emitters (4) Multiphase subspace graviton beams - 2 fore, 2 aft
Rated Mass 132,425 metric megatons
Range (highest mass rating optimal towing distance) 2 km
Range (distance for 1 metric tonne) 50 km