USS John Quincy Adams

From The Ninth Fleet

USS John Quincy Adams
Technical Details

Akira Class




Scout Carrier

Task Force:

Task Force 93

Task Force CO:

RAdm Joshua Underwood

Task Group:

Britanov's Landing Marine Base

Task Group CO:

Brig. Gen. Kieran Devaneaux

Crew Information
Commanding Officer:

Colonel Kazran Getelles

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The U.S.S. John Quincy Adams (NCC-80145) is an Akira-class scout carrier assigned to Britanov's Landing Marine Base, named for United States President John Quincy Adams. Her first captain was Brigadier General Anatoliy Britanov, son of TAEF commander Mikhail Britanov. Following the shakeup of the task forces in M90 in January 2387, she was placed under the command of Colonel Kazran Getelles, a man with little starship experience; however, he has proven to be a capable commander. The Adams is a fast and agile ship, able to keep up with the fighters it launches.

Britanov's Landing Marine Base
Home of the Theta Antares Expeditionary Force
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Senior Staff

Brigadier General Kieran Devaneaux, Base Commander • Captain Eidan Zherron, Deputy Commander • Colonel Kazran Getelles, Chief of Staff
TAEF: Commodore Saxtus Fayhan, Force Commander • Colonel Jack Pike, Deputy Commander • Captain Ma'Kaalleb, Chief Engineer • Colonel Suzanne Anderson-Fayhan, M.D., Surgeon General

Attached Ships

Base Defense: U.S.S. Palatine (flagship) • U.S.S. BasiloneU.S.S. John Quincy AdamsU.S.S. Windrunner
TAEF: U.S.S. Bataan (flagship) • U.S.S. ArchangelU.S.S. New HampshireU.S.S. Marcus Whitman

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