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The user Flying Gremlin, also known as FG or Adam, is the administrator of The Ninth Fleet's web services, servicing all forms of forum and Wiki administration for the group as a whole. He also apparently writes his own page in the third person, due to the fact that he is on the Wiki and is so used to writing articles this way, he forgot to refer to himself in the first person throughout this entire article. He also enjoys seriously violating the fourth wall in serious articles in ways that do not look like he is violating the fourth wall.

When not writing weirdly introduced articles about himself, FG works in the technical support field, supporting printing centers all over North America, specializing in remote updates, network troubleshooting and training. He is also a parent of two wonderful children whom he accredits most of his drive to succeed to and sees rarely. When asked, he refers to his marital status as: "None of your Goddamn business!" and then makes several comments about how the asker's mother is a prostitute.


Over about seven years of role-playing, FG has amassed a collection of characters that he has either had hands in controlling or plays directly.

2295 era

Prio Votar

  • Rank: Commander
  • Position: JAG prosecutor
  • Unknown species; was found floating in an unmarked lifepod by a ship in 2243.

Gregor Mormar

  • Rank: Vice Admiral
  • Species: Betazoid
  • Position: CO, Starbase 147; serving on the Advanced Starship Design Board
  • Grandfather of the later era of characters

Yolinda Mormar

  • Partially-controlled character
  • Gregor's wife

Kieran Mormar

  • Rank: Commander
  • Species: Betazoid
  • Position: Commanding officer, USS Phobos
  • Gregor's brother


Toran Krezek

  • Rank: Captain (detached duty)
  • Species: No longer fully Betazoid
  • Position: No official assignment listed
  • Grandson of Gregor Mormar, eldest child of Michelle Krezek
  • Mother was captured by Cardassians when he was 10; father died before he was born. Forced to kill his wife before she destroyed three ships and a starbase. Former commanding officer of Gateway Station. Toran lost everything when he had an encounter with an alien symbiote, which altered his DNA irreversibly. Now has rampant vampirism that must be managed with daily feedings and telepathic and physical rape, which strains romantic relations.
  • Read his adventures here:

Lokal Krezek

  • Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
  • Species: Betazoid/Cardassian Hybrid
  • Position: Liaison Officer, Federation Marshal Service
  • Grandson of Gregor Mormar, second child of Michelle Krezek
  • Was conceived in a Cardassian labor camp after his mother was assaulted by the camp prefect, Eliam Gell. Has worked passed the demons of his own upbringing after bringing him to justice for the crimes his biological father had committed.

Kiara Krezek

  • Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
  • Species: Betazoid/Bajoran Hybrid
  • Position: Commanding officer, Gateway Station
  • Granddaughter of Gregor Mormar, third child of Michelle Krezek, eldest child of Jolar Vikor
  • Born 5 minutes before her fraternal twin brother
  • Married to Celene Krezek
  • Born in a Cardassian labor camp. Jolar Vikor was killed in front of her eyes at the age of nine. Was molested as a child by the camp prefect, Eliam Gell; still harbors feelings for that person. Is unsure of her new role as CO and as a surrogate parent for her niece.
  • See her adventures here:

Aran Krezek

  • Rank: Major
  • Species: Betazoid/Bajoran Hybrid
  • Position: Engineering consultant, officially; unofficially, Special Operations Team Leader
  • Grandson of of Gregor Mormar, fourth child of Michelle Krezek, second child of Jolar Vikor
  • Born 5 minutes after his fraternal twin sister, which she never lets him forget
  • Born in a Cardassian labor camp. Jolar Vikor was killed in front of his eyes at the age of nine. His morality has been questioned so many times, he can not seem to remember what the Federation actually stands for anymore. Still tries to be a good person, in his own way, and is dedicated to protecting the Federation at all costs.

Jeral Krezek

  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Betazoid/Bajoran Hybrid
  • Position: Security officer, USS Excalibur
  • Grandson of of Gregor Mormar, youngest child of Michelle Krezek, youngest child of Jolar Vikor
  • Born in a Cardassian labor camp. Jolar Vikor was killed in front of his eyes at the age of five; the trauma caused him to repress all facets of his emerging empathic skills. Lost the repression in an incident aboard the previous Excalibur and discovered strong empathic powers. Has to use Vulcan meditation and powerful neurotransmitter inhibitors - some unknowingly to Jeral classed as bioweapons - to function in society.
  • Read his adventures here:

Adrian Mormar

  • Rank: Vice Admiral
  • Species: Betazoid
  • Position: Advanced Starship Design Board, head of prototype testing
  • Son of Kieran Mormar, cousin to Jordyn Mormar

Jordyn Mormar

  • Rank: General
  • Species: Betazoid
  • Position: Commander, Ninth Fleet
  • Son of Gregor Mormar, uncle of the Krezek children
  • Hard as nails exterior with a soft spot and a short temper. Has been known to physically eject people out of his office via closed windows. Grew up as a farm boy and swore never to return.
  • Read his adventures here:

Pierce Mormar

  • Civilian freighter captain of a decommissioned Loknar class converted to cargo and passenger duties
  • Former Marine sergeant with an honorable discharge
  • Grandson of Gregor Mormar, nephew of Jordyn Mormar, cousin of the Krezek children

Annika Krezek

  • Partially-controlled character
  • Teenaged daughter of Toran Krezek, now in care of Kiara
  • Has met an alternate future version of herself where she is a Marine Colonel

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